The Flashpoint Education Center is a video-based, online course program designed to help you search effectively to discover the intelligence you need in our suite of tools. 

Members of our Education Services, Customer Success, and Solutions Architect teams will guide you through step-by-step instructions and demonstrations our product's capabilities to help you achieve your goals. 

Click below for a preview of Echosec Essentials, a training course for Echosec users.

What People are Saying

Very Interactive

Investigations Manager

I am really enjoying these training modules. I'm loving how interactive they are and that they require me to conduct the steps myself. Very helpful!

Highly Recommended

Crisis Management Consultant

Echosec's training module allowed me to quickly and efficiently begin using Echosec on my own time. I appreciated the hands-on assignments throughout the lessons and the feedback once they were submitted. Without the training course, I would not be able to use Echosec as effectively as I do now; I would be wasting data and searches instead of receiving relevant, useful results 24/7. I would recommend this course for new Echosec users and those that need a refresher on the basics of Echosec, alike. Between the course & Grace's feedback, you will quickly become an Echosec expert!

Easy to Complete

Investigative and Intelligence Services Company

The setup of modules were easy to follow. They started simple and got more complex, which was nice for individuals who may not have been as familiar with the complex searches.

Very Insightful

Security and investigations company

I gained some new insight into the quick searches in regards to locations, using hashtags and airport tags. All in all, a great course to go over things I knew and learn some of the hidden usages.

Very Clear & Concise

Situational Awareness and Travel Safety Company

Great curriculum/course. Very clear and concise as well as interactive on Echosec how to’s and mechanics.